Saturday, 26 March 2011


If I was granted one wish by my unfortunately non-existent Fairy Godmother I should have to ask for a crash course in the successful marketing of an e-book. I believe I have done all that can be done, at least for the moment, but it is really pathetic. Were I to have something - like a book! - to carry around with me I could possibly do more. I might arrange speaking engagements; even, though heaven knows how, organise book signings in Waterstone's, Smith's and a batch of independents. Without a book, well, there doesn't seem to be anywhere to start, apart from the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But they, surely, can be used to some effect ... for all I lack expertise in working with them. Let me see what I can do. If anyone has a suggestion (or two, or three) about how to go about this please leave a comment, preferably polite.

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