Saturday, 26 March 2011


If I was granted one wish by my unfortunately non-existent Fairy Godmother I should have to ask for a crash course in the successful marketing of an e-book. I believe I have done all that can be done, at least for the moment, but it is really pathetic. Were I to have something - like a book! - to carry around with me I could possibly do more. I might arrange speaking engagements; even, though heaven knows how, organise book signings in Waterstone's, Smith's and a batch of independents. Without a book, well, there doesn't seem to be anywhere to start, apart from the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But they, surely, can be used to some effect ... for all I lack expertise in working with them. Let me see what I can do. If anyone has a suggestion (or two, or three) about how to go about this please leave a comment, preferably polite.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Overture and Beginners

It is one thing to publish a book in Amazon's Kindle store, quite another to bring it to the attention of potential customers. This is the BIG problem ... which tends to support the point of view which states that the foremost assets needed by any writer are a compulsion to write and insanity. I could be a new Dickens in waiting, you a Sebstian Faulks, it matters not. The chances of creating a presence in the bookworld (let me not be posh and say "literary world") are virtually non-existent. But when you've gotta write you gotta write, regardless of the rewards, or lack of them.

They, this wondrous body of they, say "write a grabbing opening". And so I wrote an opening to "77" which, I think you will agree, is grabbing:

"I rather think I'm very much in your debt, but would you mind taking your hand from between my legs? People might get the wrong idea."
The woman put her question to the youth with a composure quite remarkable in the circumstances of their meeting ...

Does that grab you? I hope so. Notice, though, that the line is spoken by a woman to a youth. An age difference! And it is 1951, a time when hypocrisy in all things sexual ruled supreme. Even so, some were virgins - young men as well as young women - when they stood at the altar, which was not altogether a bad thing.

Needless to say, while this scene describes the meeting of the woman and the youth, it is only the start of something more lasting, dramatic and traumatic.